SHS9172HV is an iron based steel alloy which features exceptional resistance to abrasion, corrosion resistance, erosion, impact and high temperature oxidation.  Hardness and corrosion and wear resistance is superior to hard chrome

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Excels in high sulfur and elevated temperature environments where fly-ash and bed-ash erosion occurs
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance for a metallic material
  • Significant corrosion and high temperature oxidation resistance
  • Very high bond strength across a range of substrate materials, including aluminum, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Can be finished to very high surface specifications as a replacement for hard chrome
  • Hardness and corrosion and wear resistance is superior to hard chrome


SHS9172HV coatings feature exceptional resistance to abrasion and a significant ability to withstand corrosion and high temperature oxidation. SHS9172HV is especially resistant to elevated temperature sulfidation attack and is widely used for elevated temperature erosion and corrosion protection of heat exchange tubes in coal fired boilers. As a replacement for hard chrome, SHS9172HV provides improved resistance to mechanical damage and can be polished to a very high surface finish. While conventional corrosion resistant materials are relatively soft, SHS9172HV in the as-sprayed condition provides hardness and wear resistance equivalent to hard chrome. SHS9172HV has excellent damage tolerance applicable to harsh service environments in a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, the extremely fine microstructure of SHS9172HV improves toughness, ductility and fatigue resistance.



SHS9172HV is a glass-forming steel alloy formulated with high concentrations of transition metals which readily dissolve in the glass structure. When applied using benchmark thermal spray parameters, an amorphous matrix is formed which contains hard complex nanoscale borocarbide precipitates. When compared to existing competitive coatings, the microstructures formed in the as-sprayed or fully devitrified (heat treated after spraying) state provide superior resistance to abrasive wear and fine particle erosion.



SHS9172HV coatings feature superior toughness and resiliency. Impact testing was done using a Gardner drop impact testing machine at impact energies of 120, 240, 360 and 480 in-lbs. As-sprayed SHS9172HV coating samples withstood impacts of up to 480 in-lbs without cracking, chipping or delaminating, while demonstrating the ability to deform with the substrate. Additionally, the specific high-transition metal chemistry (chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and niobium) of SHS9172HV provides excellent corrosion resistance. The ability to withstand high impact and resist extreme abrasion and corrosion makes SHS9172HV an excellent hard chrome alternative.